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The Wizard Space Force

The Wizard Space Force also known as the “WSF”. They over see and protect other worldly beings that are threatened, acting as protectors of all space and planets in the universe.

The entire WSF force their army, and leaders are governed by the “Universe Collective” a council of the strongest and most knowledgeable wizards in the force.

(pencil sketches)

“Metalloid” issue 1 of 10! Coming soon in 2023!

For more info on my upcoming comic book follow us on here, Facebook, Twitter and tik tok @themetalloidstorycomic and check out our website link in bio for a synopsis of my comic book and what it’s about. Stay tuned we are halfway done with the art we are shooting for a beginning of the year of 2023 release.

All rights reserved and copy right claim of art, characters and text as the the TM belongs to The Metalloid Story Comic LLC.

Credit to my amazing artist out of Argentina Roberto Javier Dallasta.

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