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The Reptilia And Gekkota Factions

The Reptilia (top left panel and bottom) and the Gekkota (right panel and corner). The Reptilia are a part of The Sargantana Colony and the Gekkota split off from them and created The Con Tac Ke Invader Clan. They are now at war with each other out of feud and different ideologies.

Both factions have been mysteriously armed with negative energy weapons, which is the weakness to the Centian race, (metalloids species) from the Khmer Galaxy on the planet of Oid Centaury. This negative energy is only found on the moons of Oid Centaury……

(pencil sketches)

“Metalloid” issue 1 of 10! Coming soon in 2023!

For more info on my upcoming comic book follow us on here, Facebook, Twitter and tik tok @themetalloidstorycomic and check out our website link in bio for a synopsis of my comic book and what it’s about. Stay tuned we are halfway done with the art we are shooting for a beginning of the year of 2023 release.

All rights reserved and copy right claim of art, characters and text as the TM (trademark) belongs to The Metalloid Story Comic LLC.

Credit to my amazing artist out of Argentina Roberto Javier Dallasta.

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