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Jin Jzarro

“Jin Jzarro”. Throughout the timeline of the “Metalloid” universe technology advanced significantly with the governments of earth terraforming and colonizing Mars in the early 1800s. Resulting in them evolving into a new species entirely calling themselves “Masyen Assassins”. “Masyen” being their species name. They think of Martian as an insult. As humans came up with that name although they were humans once they aren’t anymore. Jin Jzarro is in a clan of assassins on Mars part of the “Clan of Assassins Kingdom” ruled by their Wordsmith. Jin trained there and on other planets throughout the galaxy in different fighting arts and gathered advanced tech, and knowledge these are the ways of the clan. They have their own language called “Marslik”. In their clan they pray to elysian to their ancestors for strength and hope. Masyens are a separate evolution of humans. Factors such as different environmental aspects helped shape them, like higher radiation levels, weaker/stronger sunlight from the distance to the sun, other predators/food sources, etc. This can create friction when they interact.

“Metalloid” issue 1 of 10! Coming soon in 2023!

For more info on my upcoming comic book follow us on here, Facebook, Twitter and tik tok @themetalloidstorycomic and check out our website link in bio for a synopsis of my comic book and what it’s about. Stay tuned we are halfway done with the art we are shooting for a fall release in 2023.

All rights reserved and copy right © claim of art, characters and text and the ™️ (trademark) belongs to The Metalloid Story Comic LLC.

Credit to @javierdallasta for the amazing art work sketch and for making my dream become a reality his work is absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to do more projects with him in the future.

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