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Devan Hahn

Set in a futuristic 1980’s where technology has advanced further earlier in the past and continues to advance. The story is about Metalloid he is the main character he deals with lose, and find his purpose in the universe. Full pent up anger, emotions and struggle with vengeance and ultimately even tho he’s tragic he’s still has a soul inside of him with good morals. Metalloids  real name was given to him by his parents his royal name “Divad” he was given the moniker “Metalloid” because of the prophecy for him to be the all powerful ruler of Oid Centaury their home planet and rule them in the future. Metalloids  abilities are vast with his red “living energy” inside of him giving him the ability to fly, and if he uses too much energy it burns out and his powers have to recharge either waiting, absorbing more metal, or energy. He is also able to absorb metals as well as use that to be able to form and craft things like a shield, gun, etc. As they are metal beings with red “living energy” this energy is their life force. Metalloid has a face with glowing red eyes with red lines down his face showing his “living energy” and his species don’t have mouths when they talk it still comes through and you are able to hear it. Their species are called “Centians”. Their city is called “Myetall City” on the planet “Oid Centaury”  they are in what’s called the Khmer Galaxy. Metalloid has wife and male child. Metalloid will be challenged and he will question things and he will eventually  show his true potential. Vice aka Vincent Pierce is the main antagonist he resides on eartha and try’s to help Metalloid. His powers are magic based and it has helped him know about these other planets aiding dark Magic’s. He sent out a signal to other planets to other beings with magic to try and commune hence why he has alien tech already. The magic comes from a ring on left ring finger tethered to a twisted dark spirit. He's a real piece of shit scumbag. Killer for hire, solider of fortune, fights in wars and conflicts in 3rd world countries or places with little to no law and pretty much does what he wants cause he doesn’t care. But he’s a real douche about it. He uses twisted philosophy to justify his actions. He's antisocial, narcissistic, and egocentric. Doesn’t give a shit about anyone or anything just himself and does everything on a whim. 

Jein Jzarro another main character very important to the plot, is a human Martian. In this time period and the governments of earth terraformed Mars in the early 1850s and that resulted in them evolving in Martian humans and Jein was born in the 1920s and Martian humans live a little longer to about 150s because of their evolution and they jump high and are pretty strong. But they have their limits like any regular human would. The colonization and them beginning there evolution around the 1500s. Their hair changes in seasons on mars, mainly gray and white hair, their skin is red and they have brown eyes. His family is in a clan of assassins on Mars trained there and on other planets. He’s  trained throughout the galaxy in different fighting arts and gathered a ton of advanced tech. Their species are known as “Masyen” they are “Masyen Assassins”. Masyens are a separate evolution of humans. Factors such as different environmental aspects helped shape them, like higher radiation levels, weaker/stronger sunlight from the distance to the sun, other predators/food sources, etc. This can create friction when they interact. All these characters have a past and will come together. Their paths becoming clear and this will be the culmination of a story of characters unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

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